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FFAT Causes

FFAT Causes


A Movement of Empathy, Action & Hope

A Glimpse into Quade’s Journey

Meet Quade Smith, a 10-year-old visionary with an unyielding determination to transform lives. Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at an early age, Quade’s personal battle birthed a movement – FFAT. What started as a quest for awareness evolved into a vibrant force for change, rallying communities & touching countless hearts. FFAT Causes stems from FFAT Charity Motor Show. We will be including six causes this year:

  • DMD – Including Disability & Equipment (Lime Green)
  • Mental Health (Dark Green)
  • Cardiac Health (Blue & Red)
  • Autism (Puzzle / Light Blue)
  • ADHD (Orange)
  • Sensory Processing Disorder (Dark Blue)
  • Cancer (Pink)
  • Animal Abuse (Purple)
  • RSA Hunger (Orange)

Our Story: Empathy in Action

Quade’s journey began as a mission to raise awareness about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His passion led to the creation of FFAT, resonating beyond his initial vision. Today, FFAT stands as a beacon of hope, embracing diverse causes & uniting people for a better tomorrow.

Our Impact: Effects of Compassion

The FFAT Charity Motor Show witnessed dreams coming to life. From receiving a cherished rugby jacket, to gifting a wheelchair to a friend – Quade’s empathy knows no bounds. His vision expands as FFAT embraces causes ranging from health to hunger, fostering a network of support that transcends diagnoses. Quade’s vision for 2024, is to raise funds for these causes through the Charity Motor Show

Join us: Together, we create change

Quade’s ambition for 2024 is monumental – a Charity Motor Show uniting causes. But he can’t do it alone. Your support, whether through donation, sponsorship, or venue contribution, can turn dreams into reality for numerous causes. Connect with our team at & become a part of this transformative journey.

Thank you for considering our call to action. Your support fuels our mission to create a world where everyone, regardless of diagnosis, has allies in their fight for a brighter tomorrow.

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