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Creators for Quade was started shortly after the diagnosis of 9year old Quade Smith, by LambiPlays and TheGamingSaint in partnership with ViperKing and Guardian of Hope from QJDMD. The project began in a bid to assist Quade’s family with his medical expenses, but has since evolved into a project of Hope For Another Tomorrow – not only for Quade, but also for other children with Duchenne. Quade still desperately needs your ongoing support in this project, as well as other families that have since joined their journey with Duchenne.

Creators for Quade 2022

In a bid to be “in-touch” with those who show their support, Quade’s parents bared it all in a “Round Table, at a Square Table” segment, where they shared the moments from the first day the diagnosis was provided to that very day. The guilt felt as they had no way of curing their son, how they feel excluded from the world as people start the process of “avoiding” the Smith family because of the challenges their son faces, how they have had to adapt – even to the smallest thing – to make life enjoyable for their whole family. The conversation even touched some heart strings as Guardian of Hope, comforted TheGamingSaint, as she finally broke the silence on being a carrier of the dreaded DMD, and how she struggled with the guilt of “giving Quade Duchenne” – a diagnosis, which they had received approximately a month before the segment. Light as well as tears were shed on the daily events, events which feel like they spiral out of control and then suddenly calm down – before it starts spinning the other way.

Our resident aunty – the lovely CDVS-Purple, had an exclusive interview with Quade’s “Bio” mom and his “Bonus” mom (who also happens to be one of the founders of the NPO known as QJDMD, which was started mere days after the initial diagnosis in 2021). The interview covered medical, lifestyle, challenges, blessings and inspiration within the diagnosis of Duchenne, logo changes for the event, as well as what the vision behind both C4Q and QJDMD holds and the light, love and happiness that Quade has to share with the world. Bonus mom, also shared with us the needs that Quade will have as Duchenne progresses – medical beds, wheelchairs to help him stand, hoists to pick him up and move him about, vehicle modifications, and even machines to help him breathe properly, when the time comes.

Creators for Quade 2021