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Letter from “Bio” Mom

Dear Quade
The day I found out I was pregnant with you and the day you were born, are days that I will never forget… the fear of complications during pregnancy – like I had experienced with your sister – the joy of getting to hold you for the first time and every day after the first – are days that bring me immense happiness, even though some of those were scary. From the beginning of your life, you have done nothing but give us such a wonderful sense of pride.
Though we began to make “peace” in a sense, with the idea of you being different when you didn’t hit your milestones properly – we knew there was something more. Then on July 7th 2021 at only 7years old and in the middle of a pandemic, you were finally diagnosed with Duchenne… that day came down on us like a ton of bricks. I remember when your dad and bonus mom came to tell me what you had endured in hospital that day and the fate that was now set for you – it felt like I was part of a horror movie – I remember the singular tear that rolled down my cheek during this conversation – but I wasn’t about to let anyone see me break when I knew that you were fighting something so severe by yourself for this long.

I never realized how relevant “My Tiny Prince” really was – physically you shall remain smaller than other children your age but mentally and emotionally you rise up and accept the challenges you face. You, my boy, are stronger than we could ever imagine and I for one am honoured to be on this journey of discovery and help – I know that I am strong as long as I can hold your hand. No amount of words or actions can ever truly tell you how much I love you and how proud I am to call you my son. Together with your bonus mom and dad, we will continue to fight and advocate for you Quade, as well as the other families and boys affected by this condition. Thank you for being such an inspiration, being a ball of energy and for lighting our lives with your crazy sense of humour and beautiful soul. My prayer for you is that you will be a beacon of hope to those newly diagnosed, be the light for those that are ripped by fear of what is to come and inspire those that feel like the burden is too much to carry. I pray that you will be one of the lucky ones when it comes to a better quality of life or even a cure. And I pray that you will never forget how amazingly courageous and loved you are
All my love